SAFPAW continues our groundbreaking spay/neuter work. Since our founding in 1998, we have fixed and vaccinated more than 10,000 dogs and cats in Davidson County, Tennessee, and that number continues to grow. Since 2001 we have focused solely on pets belonging to folks who are homeless or housed but live at or below the poverty level.


Our Mission

The Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare (SAFPAW) is a non-profit organization serving Davidson County, Tennessee, by improving the quality of life for people and pets in need.

SAFPAW provides pet food, supplies, and veterinary care free of charge to pet owners who are homeless or living at or below the poverty level. Through our weekly Spay/Neuter Transport, animals are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas & ticks, and they get their nails trimmed.

Our Homeless Outreach Program provides food, temporary shelter, and other basic needs to the friends we serve. We also assist those looking to secure more permanent housing by helping with transportation, acquiring necessary IDs (such as social security card, state ID or drivers license, birth certificate, etc.), helping them through the application process—and everything in-between—including move-in day!

And through our new transitional post-recovery house for women, we are able to bring a few of our most vulnerable neighbors indoors and help 160 homeless pets find permanent indoor homes each year through our pet foster program.

SAFPAW is able to make a tremendous positive impact in the lives of people and pets, but only with the help of our generous and compassionate community. Swing by our Facebook Page and "Like" us to stay up to date on all of the amazing work we do every day. Don't forget to make a donation so that we can all continue to build a stronger and healthier community.


We Believe:

When our efforts result in an animal being fixed and fully vetted, that pet sees benefits. What about the intangible rewards you may not see? The important work we do extends far beyond that dog or cat—our entire community benefits.

  • Reduced dog/cat impounding at local animal shelters and animal control facilities.
  • Reduced dog/cat euthanasia at local animal shelters and animal control facilities.
  • Reduction in the number of stray dogs/cats throughout Davidson and surrounding counties.
  • Reduced costs for providing animal control services in the areas we serve.
  • Healthier pets, especially in the areas of poverty that we serve.
  • Reduced threat of rabies to humans and pets.
  • Fewer dog bites and attacks.

SAFPAW is a most wonderful organization and Laurie, the founder, is one of the most kind and compassionate people you could ever meet. After all, someone who cares enough to help make a difference in the life of a person or animals has to be an amazing person—and she is!
— Ms. Perian Walker


  • 3120 hours of street outreach to homeless pets and their owners
  • 250 emergency camping supplies distributed to save lives
  • 8320 pounds of kibble delivered to hungry pets
  • Over 20,000 miles of transport to and from local services
  • 600 spays and neuters
  • 200 essential vaccinations
  • And we help 160 homeless pets find a permanent indoor home through our foster program at our new transitional post-recovery house for women—Perian's Place