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Community Outreach Donation Drive

Remember SAFPAW needs your donations to keep us going!

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With cold weather just around the corner we're starting an early tent, sleeping bags, and propane drive..

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Safpaw is a 501c non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductable.


The road doesn't seem as long when we're there with you..

Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare is a non-profit organization helping the homeless community face the daily challenges of living in poverty with their pets. In addition our pet services help those housed but living at or below the poverty level. SAFPAW also serves as an active Homeless Outreach Organization.

Our Mission

They're Back!
Exile Concert Scheduled for December.

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Animal Welfare

Helping animals with  weekly spay and neuter transports, donated food, and vet care.


Family & Community

Helping families and pets live longer healthier lives through foundation grants and personal donations.


Homeless Outreach 

We provide those living on the streets with the essentials to survive. Step 2 is moving them from the streets to a place of their own.

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